Don’t Ignore These Ladder Safety Tips

Ladders from Nation WideWhile you’re working around your home this summer, we at Nationwide Ladder want to make sure you finish your projects as safely as possible while using ladders. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips in order to make sure you finish whatever project you undertake in one piece!

Observe Your Ladder’s Weight Limit

Making sure not to exceed your ladder’s weight limit is crucial to ensure the ladder’s rigidity and stability. The maximum weight limit can be located on the safety label found on the side of the ladder. By not exceeding the recommended weight limit, you’ll help increase the lifespan of your ladder and avoid any kind of warping or cracking that could lead to permanent damage.

Space Your Ladder’s Legs

Ensuring that your ladder’s legs are wholly extended to support your weight will grant you maximum stability as you complete your task. Some ladders have folding hinge supports that can be locked into place in order to prevent the ladder from closing on itself during use, which can lead to a nasty fall.

Don’t Overstep the Top Rung

All the rungs on your ladder aren’t for standing on! The rungs at the highest point of your ladder are designed only to be grasped in hand to help you climb and steady yourself. Standing on the top rungs can lead to losing your balance as well as contribute to tipping the ladder over, both things to avoid!

Use the Cleats

Some ladders have cleats or feet designed to dig into the ground in order to prevent the ladder from slipping or jostling on soft terrain. Always check to make sure the cleats are properly extended and pointed into the ground so that your ladder doesn’t suddenly kick out while you’re working on it.

Store Your Ladder Correctly

Leaving your ladder exposed to the elements is an easy way for it to end up in the scrapyard, especially in New England. While aluminum ladders are more resistant to rust and rot than wooden ladders, individual components on the ladder, like pulleys, hinges, or cleats, can still be damaged. A heavy duty is ladder is an investment that can last you a long time. Store your ladder indoors in a cool dry place out of the sun.

Our experts at Nationwide Ladder have plenty of more tips and tricks you can learn to get the most out of your purchase. Visit our retail location in Windham, NH or call us today at (800) 228-2519.