Construction Site Safety for Winter

As a business that regularly sells scaffolding to MA and NH construction companies, we have learned over the years that these sites slow down during the winter months, but rarely ever stop. If there is a project that needs completing, these business owners work day and night to ensure it is finished. That being said, there are many safety considerations to remember when getting on a job site after the first snowfall or cold days of the year.

Have trained professionals protect pipes and water tanks

Frozen pipes and water tanks can freeze, and there have been accidents in the past that have occurred because workers attempt to thaw them with an open flame. Have specific employees trained to thaw pipes with heat spacers, lamps, or guns properly to avoid injuries.

Safely remove snow and debrisMetal scaffolding

Nation Wide Ladder has discussed many of the ways OSHA has addressed concerns about snow removal on construction sites, and we thoroughly suggest following these guidelines that include: cleaning the roof with snow rakes, deicing from ladders, and proper fall protection.

Avoid working in freezing conditions

Ice increases the likelihood of slips and falling tremendously, and with the use of ladders and other equipment, a fatal or serious injury is almost guaranteed. Unless you can remedy ice or snow conditions, it often better to wait for a more workable day.

Inspect temporary structures and equipment

Weather can cause your ladders, scaffolding, netting, and other equipment to shift, which could potentially make it dangerous for use. Conduct a full inspection of your machinery before use to avoid injury to employees and passing bystanders.

If you’re searching for new scaffolding, ladders, or other equipment that will withstand the change in weather, visit us at Nation Wide Ladder! Our selection will offer you exactly what you need for your next construction site this winter. With more questions, contact us today by calling (800) 228-2519.