Big Ladders for Big Jobs

Alum-A-Pole from Nation Wide LadderDo you have a big job coming up? Is it “50 foot” big? Nation Wide Ladder has the right sized ladder for you! Alum-A-Pole is a scaffolding system that has been authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for up to a working height of 50 feet. Tested in a laboratory with a surplus of extra weight, the OSHA has approved the Alum-A-Pole system to hold 5,000 pounds.

The durable system is easy-to-install, able to be assembled by a single person, and is made up of a special aluminum blend that hosts a permanent Saf-T-Grip rubber to prevent slippage. Paired with the Saf-T-Grip is a lifetime warranty to protect the non-slip and non-wear claims. With over one million Alum-A-Poles sold, the brand is undeniably reliable.

The system is relatively quiet and is effective in all types of weather. The disassembled pieces are stackable for easy storage and make transporting the system simple. The Alum-A-Pole system is available in a number of different sizes, depending on the job you need done. There are plenty of safety features to prevent falling from happening with features such as the Saf-T-Net, which moves up and down with you while you work. An End Rail System can be purchased in addition to the system for extra protection.

For a a big job, call the guys with the big ladders. Nation Wide Ladder has the right choice for you. Call us at one of our three locations to reserve your ladder or scaffolding system today! You can reach us in Windham, NH at 603-434-6911, in Worcester, MA at 800-462-8001 or in Gray, ME at 800-492-0829.