Best Practices for Fall Protection

Whether personal or professional, the use of ladders is an everyday occurrence for many people.  Thus, knowing proper safety procedures is imperative.  We’ve created the top tips for fall protection practices that are easy enough for anyone to follow.


Inspect Your Ladder

Before climbing a ladder, whether for personal or professional use, you should always take a moment to inspect it.  Even if it’s been your trusted go-to on the job, corrosion can set in at any point.  This is especially true for ladders that have been exposed to outdoor elements such as rain.  Beyond corrosion, defects and cracks can also occur at any point.  If you notice any of these signs, be sure to replace your ladder to avoid potential safety issues.



All ladders, especially those used indoors, should have slip-resistant pads.  This will help to ensure the safety of the person climbing as it will eliminate the possibility of a moving ladder.  Moving ladders are one of the top causes of falls.  Thus, by taking little measures, you can provide the fall protection that you and your workers need.


Point of Contact Rule

If you are a professional that often utilizes ladders, you may have heard of the three points of contact.  If not, the three points state: keep one hand and both feet, or both hands and one foot, in contact with the ladder at all times.  By adhering to this rule, you can lessen the chances of a fall.


Use Smart Setup Locations

Although it may seem silly to say, many falls occur because of thoughtless placement of the ladder.  For example, if you place your ladder near a door or an area of pedestrian use, chances are pretty good that someone will walk into the ladder.  An opening door, with enough force, can be the cause of a significant movement with the ladder placement.  Thus, resulting in a fall.


Although there are several more practices to follow when it concerns ladder safety, these are a few of the easiest to follow.  Because falls can lead to serious, if not life-threating injuries, fall protection and awareness is a must for everyone.  Here at Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment, we are happy to provide ladder repair services to our customers.  Give us a call today to schedule your ladder inspection (603) 434-6911.