Benefits of Truck Outfitting

If you have a pickup truck, you likely perform some work that requires you to carry around materials or large equipment. Even though the bed of the truck gives you the flexibility to transport large or awkwardly shaped things, you may not be using it to its full potential. With various ways to outfit your truck, you can choose additions that fit your needs. At Nationwide Ladder, we have all kinds of truck equipment from roof racks to boxes for full customization.


Truck Boxes

We offer seven different kinds of truck boxes: crossover, high side, lo-side, underbody, chests, tongue boxes, and transfer tanks. Regardless of the design, these boxes allow you to store your smaller tools and equipment outside of the cab, leaving more space inside for seating or other things. All of our boxes come with locks, so you can feel confident that all your inventory is safe from theft. Additionally, you will feel more organized by having all your things in one place, and you don’t have to listen to that screwdriver roll around the bed of your truck anymore.

One of our most popular models – the crossover box – is ideal for everyone from construction workers to the average handy homeowner. This box sits across the bed of your truck, parallel to the cab, so it doesn’t take up much bed space.


Truck Racks

We also offer another popular truck outfitting: truck racks. Truck racks, provided in both aluminum and steel, allow you to transport materials that are longer than your bed without creating a safety hazard. These are ideal for workers who regularly carry large equipment like ladders and scaffolding materials. All of our truck racks are compatible with various accessories, like anchors, hooks, and side stops.

Whether you’re a construction worker, painter, gardener, or handyman, an array of truck equipment and accessories can help you maximize what your truck can do. Additionally, keeping your tools outside of the cab helps you keep it clean. If you use your vehicle for both personal and work use, keeping the inside free of tools and equipment can help you separate work and home. Relax and feel confident that your expensive inventory of supplies is safe and neat in a truck box or rack. Visit us at and explore our wide variety of available truck equipment!