Benefits of Scaffolding for Exterior Painting

As the spring season rolls in, Nation Wide Ladder knows there are plenty of homeowners out there who are looking to work on some home improvement plans. One of the most common chores we hear is re-painting the house. Though ladders can be a fine option for this task, we can think of quite a few reasons you might benefit from scaffolding in MA or NH for this project.

Provides mobility without having to move equipment

Ladders can be an ideal option for smaller surface areas, but when it comes to painting the exterior of a home, scaffolding offers the flexibility and reach you can’t get anywhere else. Move freely across platforms and extend to the hard-to-reach corners you might otherwise miss with a ladder.

Can cut down on project time

Without having to get off, move, and re-climb your ladder constantly to reach difference areas of your exterior wall, you will quickly realize just how much faster your project can go. With the mobility scaffolding can offer you, you will be surprised just how much more you can get done in a few hours.

One of the safest options for painting out there

Ladders have very particular rules in regards to safety that should always be followed to avoid injury or fatalities. That being said, ladders also have limitations vertically and horizontally that scaffolding simply doesn’t. Instead of risking your life to reach a little bit higher or further on your exterior wall to avoid moving your ladder, scaffolding can give you the protection and motion you need to complete your work in one piece.

Whether you are in need of Alum-A-Pole rentals or simply need a ladder for your home, Nation Wide Ladder has you covered. Our large selection of products will leave you prepared for any home or commercial project you need completing next.

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