Benefits of Roof Scaffolding

Roof scaffolding, or platform hoists, are an excellent resource for roofing jobs.  Because of the height of the job site, having equipment that allows for materials to be easily transported is essential.  Economical and safe, platform hoists provide many benefits not only to the operator but the customer as well.  With companies such as, Nation Wide Ladder & Equipment, choosing the right sized hoist for the job is a breeze.


First and foremost, safety is always one of the top priorities on every job utilizing roof scaffolding.  When it comes to ladder hoists, you can be sure your safety is in the best hands.  With features such as speed regulation, lifting and lowering has never been safer.


Whether the job at hand is indoors or out, the variety of hoists available make them the perfect solution.  Offered in both gas and electric powered options, you can be certain to find the equipment you need to complete your job safely.

Ease of Use

Time is money.  Thus, by eliminating hours of equipment assembly, and disassembly, you can save costs on labor and production.  With its straightforward, tool-free assembly, platform hoists will have your job underway in no time at all.

Cost Effective

Because every job needs to maintain a specified budget, every dollar spent matters.  Although cranes or forklifts may seem the easiest solution, they can also run the equipment bill quite high.  Platform hoists are a budget-friendly solution to transporting or lifting materials and crew.

Pro Platform Hoists

Perfect for large job sites, and engineered for professional roofing services, the RGC Pro Platform Hoists can handle up to 400 pounds.   With easy mounting to second and third track cross ties without needing to lift into place, this hoist is the best single-handle platform hoist on the market.


Next time you require roof scaffolding, consider the use of a platform hoist or power ladder.  For more information on the full range of available options, visit Nation Wide Ladder online.  A labor savings method of raising materials to the roof on residential and commercial job sites, platform hoists are an excellent option.