Benefits of Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding

Alum-A-Pole from Nation Wide LadderNation Wide Ladder is a proud partner with Alum-A-Pole scaffolding, and we’re always excited to tell our customers about the best deals we have. Alum-A-Pole is the to-go scaffolding for major construction jobs, and there are plenty of reasons we continue to work with them. From safety to assembly, it’s the right choice for any job.


It’s extensive safety features ensures your team will be protected during their work. From multiple safety stops on the alum-a-poles to the Saf-T-Lock Chain, even the most absurd of accidents can be avoided.


Portability is important when you’re moving scaffolding from job site to job site. Being able to easily load on a pick-up truck saves you time and money when you rely on the Alum-A-Pole system.


Scaffolding set up can be difficult, especially when the first man on the job site cannot set up alone. One-man assembly is now possible with this system, allowing your construction to get started at the times you need it to without an extra hand.


OSHA knows what their talking about when it comes to safety concerns, and Alum-A-Pole is stackable to OSHA’s maximum shoulder working height. This means you are able to access more of your work site while sticking to code.


Strength is important when standing on a structure, feet about the ground. Alum-A-Pole is known for their lifetime warranty and the strength of their product. You can rest assured knowing that their items will hold up to the wear and tear of any construction site.


Are you looking to rent or purchase new scaffolding? Give us a call at (800) 228-2519 to speak with our experts about what Alum-A-Pole can do for you and your business.