Always Triple Check Ladder Instructions

Construction equipment from Nation Wide LadderNation Wide Ladder often answers questions about proper use and safety while using our ladders and scaffolding in MA. Some questions are simpler than others, but one tip we often find ourselves giving and hope our customers take away is using common sense and rereading the instructions of their equipment before use.


Every ladder has different specifications for use. Set up is one of the most important parts of safety because in order to use any item correctly, it also must be set on a sturdy foundation. Depending on the ladder or scaffolding, legs can be individually adjusted, easier to set up than other models, need more man power to fully erect the structure, etc. Understanding the logistics of these models and types can ensure proper use.


Check the limits of your equipment: maximum number of users at a time, maximum weight, maximum height. Setting boundaries can start simply where the risks are too high, and acknowledging those boundaries can avoid injury.


Depending on the capacity of the equipment, it can be suggested in the instructions to invest in different kinds of fall protection. These items can help prevent injuries, but only if they are also being used properly. Understanding the use of fall protection means knowing not only the limitations of the ladder equipment, but the limitations of the item that is supposed to help you prevent serious injury.


Moral of the story; when it doubt, look at the instructions of any ladder. Nation Wide Ladder wants our customers to not only enjoy their ladders for years, we want you to feel confident in your own safety and the safety of your team.


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