4 Items on Any Scaffolding Maintenance Checklist

Nation Wide Ladder receives questions all the time about our scaffolding from our NH and MA customers. We’re always ready to talkConstruction equipment from Nation Wide Ladder about jobsite safety because our customers are what is most important to us! Scaffolding maintenance should be taken seriously, and you should always check these four items before using your scaffolding for any project.

Platforms. As this is where your team will be standing, its important that the boards are well kept and attached well. Inspecting both the edge band and plywood for loose, worn, missing, or broken pieces is essential to avoiding accidents while in use. It’s also important to never use substances on the plywood that will corrode their integrity.

Mechanics. As scaffolding requires assembly upon use, your springs, locks, and pins need to be well lubricated and inspected before each use. These elements hold your structure together, and keeping up with their prescribed conservation is important.

Guardrails. What good is a guardrail if it is unable to hold up the weight it promises? Falling into the mechanics’ category, you should check all pins and locks work properly, as well as check the condition of the guardrails themselves. If you are noticing corrosion, weakened joints, or other defects, you should consider replacement.

Casters. Though our Alum-A-Pole options are used for larger projects and do not have casters, this is an important maintenance item for many scaffolding types. Exanimating both the locks and mobility of the casters ensures you can easily move and keep your scaffolding in place while being used.

Whether you’re searching for Alum-A-Pole or one of our other scaffolding options in MA or NH, Nation Wide Ladder wants to assist you in finding the perfect tools for your project and how to protect them for years to come. With more questions about maintenance or other scaffolding and ladder tips, give our experts a call today at (800) 228-2519.